CigarsRoot BeerTeaBeerSakeCheese
Island Jim
6 out of 10

Has a triple cap with different types of leaves but I couldn't get a good draw without taking them all off. Aside from that the draw is good as is the construction although it doesn't look like it will be with a frazzled end but that's just the style.

For taste, maybe a bit of vanilla, medium body. Not super complex or rich.

Aug, 25 2018
H. Upmana 1844 Nicaragua
7 out of 10

The draw on the cigar is pretty bad. It takes 3 or 4 Puffs before you can get a decent amount of smoke on the inhale.

When you finally get some smoke The Taste is pretty decent. It's a little bit on the mild side but the flavors are very nice. It's really a shame that the draw is so bad on this because I really enjoy the flavors.

Aug, 10 2018
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Aged 12 Years
8 out of 10

I like the 15-year Reserve so much I wanted to go back and try the 12.

This one has a bit more spice than the 15 year, and it lingers on the tongue a little bit longer and sharper. It really feels like the flavor amps up for a few seconds after the drop before he starts to die down.

The construction is excellent and smoke output is also excellent just like the other one.

Jun, 09 2018
Gurkha Cellar Reserve Aged 15 Years
10 out of 10

After taking a draw my mouth explodes with flavors. There's a good amount of spice to the flavor but subtle notes of cinnamon and even vanilla which are strange things to use to describe a cigar although it seems pretty accurate to me.

The construction is perfect the smoke output is perfect this is one of the best cigars I've had in a very long time.

Jun, 02 2018
Ghurka Ghost
5 out of 10

This cigar starts off with a ton of spice. It has a medium draw and a good amount of smoke output.

Has a good amount of bitter flavor coming in with a spice.

As I get a little further into it there's a bit of a Woody taste coming through now.

Way too much spice for me.

May, 25 2018
Illusione Fume D'amour
8 out of 10

This has a sweet taste to it. Great Smoke output and a good draw. There's a little bit of spice but not too much. Very nice construction on the cigar with a matte finish.

May, 23 2018
Illusione Fume D'amour
8 out of 10

This has a sweet taste to it. Great Smoke output and a good draw. There's a little bit of spice but not too much. Very nice construction on the cigar with a matte finish.

May, 23 2018
La Gloria Cubans Serie R
6 out of 10

The draw is a little bit tight but not very unpleasant. It started off very spicy but it's getting more mellow as I get further down the cigar.

The burn is not very even, although it's seeming to right itself as I get further down.

May, 08 2018
Illusions Epernay
7 out of 10

Lots of spice in the flavor but not black pepper. Very good smoke output and very easy draw. The construction on this is fantastic.

May, 05 2018
Cao Amazon Basin
8 out of 10

This is a brand that I am normally quite fond of. They usually have consistent Construction and good draws. This one is no exception.

It's taking me awhile to Define The Taste I'm getting from this. There's definitely some spiciness. There's also earthiness. This is a description I don't think I've ever given for a cigar before but I believe I am detecting some fruitiness as well in this cigar.

Feb, 24 2018
Padron 1926 40 Years
10 out of 10

This is a very fine cigar. Very smooth smoke a great draw pretty close to mild to medium. The smoke is velvety the same way the wrapper looks.

Dec, 15 2017
Cao Pilon
6 out of 10

Medium draw. Earthy taste.

Sep, 23 2017
CAO Flathead Steel Horse
9 out of 10

The draw on this is ridiculous. It's the best draw of any cigar ever smoked. It's like sucking an empty straw. It's also has a pretty white gauge so the drawers compounded by its thickness and huge smoke output.

Smoke is very smooth not bitter not spicy it could be that creamy or for my taste but it's still very desirable.

Sep, 22 2017
Cao Brazilia
6 out of 10

Decent Construction, the smoke output is good. It could be a little bit more But nothing wrong with it. The draw is a little bit light.

There is some spiciness to this flavor but it's actually kind of mild overall.

Sep, 05 2017
601 La Bomba Napalm
8 out of 10

It has a very grassy taste. A sharp spice to it as well.
It has very good smoke output.

After smoking it down a little bit the flavor has mellowed some but the smoke out but it's just amazing on this.

Aug, 31 2017
La Zona
7 out of 10

Mostly a creamy flavor with a bit of spice in it as well.

Aug, 26 2017
Cao C X 2
5 out of 10

The flavor is not bad but the draw was so tight that the whole cigar was not really Pleasant and it hard to give a review on anything else other than the poor draw.

Aug, 24 2017
Cao Osa Sol
7 out of 10

Lots of spice to the flavor of this. The draw is good and it is wrapped good.

Aug, 22 2017
7 out of 10

I've had this cigar before, normally it is very good. This particular Incarnation however was not so. The wrapping fell off as I smoked it the draw was a little too tight the flavor was decent however.

Aug, 08 2017
Oliva Serie O
3 out of 10

The draw on the cigar is absolutely terrible. I feel like no further reviewing can really be done with the draw this bad.

Aug, 05 2017
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Blend
7 out of 10

Construction is decent. I prefer a bit of a harder wrap but it Burns cleanly. The draw is a little bit tight.

There is some spiciness with a wood flavor to it. Deep and Rich. The flavor is definitely the best thing about this cigar.

Jul, 29 2017
Nat Sherman NYC 1930
6 out of 10

There is some spiciness to this. The draw is a slight bit tight but not unusual.

Jul, 26 2017
A. J. Fernandez New World
7 out of 10

The draw on this was not very good for most of the smoke. The construction was a little bit Loose as well.

Overall I felt it was not a quality smoke.

Jul, 20 2017
Diamond Crown Julius Caesar
7 out of 10

The flavor is Bittersweet, literally.

The construction is okay, the draw is very good.

I would not say that this is the best tasting cigar that I have had but it is the most unique tasting. I am not going to give it as high a score for the pure taste but anybody who wants something very different should try this cigar because it has a very unique taste.

Jul, 15 2017
Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun-grown Maduro
7 out of 10

I'm normally not a big Rocky Patel fan this one however is not terrible. I wouldn't say it's spectacular but most of the time I really dislike Rocky Patels.

The construction is very good. The draw and the smoke output is also very good. The only thing it's lacking which is one of the biggest things is a robust taste. It's a bit on the medium to light side.

Jul, 08 2017
Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan Black Market
8 out of 10

This has a perfect draw very good Construction and I really like the flavors immediately from the start.

More in the light side of flavor but not too light.

Jul, 01 2017
Casa Magna Jalapa Claro
8 out of 10

Very nice construction and very nice draw.

Medium-bodied flavor so nice complexity in the smoke with some sweet notes as the most noticeable.

Jun, 27 2017
Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir
8 out of 10

All around good quality, I really enjoyed the taste and the smell of this cigar. He reminds me of when I was young and I used to smell a good smelling cigar being smoked by somebody else.

Jun, 25 2017
Antano Dark Corojo
7 out of 10

Very good Construction. The draw is decent very rich flavors are coming through.

Jun, 24 2017
Headley Grange Republica Dominica
7 out of 10

the drama is not great but has a very nice deep rich flavor. I have been getting into the larger gauges and this one is a bit smaller but not bad.

Jun, 20 2017
Cao Cameroon 1968
8 out of 10

Good construction, hard wrapper.

Very good smoke output in the draw is very easy.

Taste starts off sweet and then becomes a bit bitter by the Finish. Lots of complex flavors happening they're very good.

Jun, 13 2017
Perdomo Habano Connecticut
6 out of 10

Lot of spice and pepper right in the front. The construction is mediocre in the draw is a little bit sub-par but not terrible.

All in all not really my thing although I could see how this could be someone's type.

Jun, 11 2017
Archetype Strange Passage
9 out of 10

This is the best flavor of a cigar that I've had in a long time. The construction is very good as well as the smoke out put.

A lot of spiciness in the taste which I don't think I normally like butt it's perfect in this cigar.

Jun, 07 2017
H. Upmann The Banker 1844
7 out of 10

Decent draw of the it is a little tight. The smoke out put is decent too, The Taste is on the better side. Construction is okay it seems a little bit soft I prefer a real hard rigid outside.

Jun, 03 2017
9 out of 10

Very good construction, very good smoke output good flavor everything about this cigar is very enjoyable.

May, 31 2017
San Lotano Habano By A.j. Fernandez
7 out of 10

Great construction and a fantastic draw.

Some spiciness to the flavor kind of a medium body.

May, 30 2017
Cao Gold Maduro
5 out of 10

The draw is a bit on the Poor Side. Smoke output is medium too poor. The texture of the outside feels good smooth, seems like it's been aged. A slight sheen from oils.

It has a bit of a unique taste if not the best taste. There's a kind of a sharpness to it and a bit of a sweetness quickly followed by a bitterness.

One of the rare times I haven't enjoyed this brand fully.

May, 28 2017
8 out of 10

Not hand-rolled but the construction is fantastic. The smoke output is also very good.

The Taste is robust but definitely the weakest link in this cigar.

I would definitely buy the cigar again for the price I really was 5 or 6 bucks so for half the price of the cigar right usually smoke it was better than average.

May, 26 2017
V Project 805 Cubra Madurai Andullo
8 out of 10

The cigar seems like a very good bargain. It has good Construction good output of smoke and a very complex flavor a bit of bitterness but a very deep and Rich flavor behind the bitterness.

The smoke very much coats your mouth and there's a good flavor that lasts on the tongue.

May, 24 2017
Alec Bradley Nica Puro 1685
7 out of 10

Decent Construction, medium draw. The flavor is not really good or bad. Overall and enjoyable smoke but nothing to write home about.

May, 22 2017
Aging Room Quattro
9 out of 10

The draw is very good, almost perfect but not quite the smoke output I would like. Very smooth subtle flavors comma creaminess to the smoke. Overall very enjoyable I highly recommend this.

May, 20 2017
6 out of 10

Construction is decent, smoke output is fantastic.

Smoke has a hint of cardboard which is not pleasant but it's also kind of creamy and there's some other complexity to it. Some spice to it as well.

May, 12 2017
Cao Flathead 450
9 out of 10

Very good smoke, great draw, great construction, great flavor. CAO consistently produces very enjoyable cigars.

May, 10 2017
Rocky Patel The Edge
6 out of 10

The construction if this cigar is terrible. Mediocre smoke output. Not bad taste. Some complexity to it. Some sweetness.

May, 09 2017
7 out of 10

Good construction, decent flavor, great smoke output.

May, 06 2017
The Mason Dixon Project MMXV
6 out of 10

Good Construction, decent smoke output and good thickness. The flavor was complex although not as good as I would have hoped. I could see this flavor being very good for someone else however.

May, 01 2017
Onyx Reserve
6 out of 10

A terrible draw. If it wasn't for that I think I would have enjoyed this cigar much more. A nice dark Rich taste with a slight tinge of bitterness but not much.

Along with the poor job there's also or smoke output. I need to take 3 strong Post in a row just to get it decent amount.

May, 01 2017
Cao Maduro
6 out of 10

The draw is not very good. The flavor is not bad very typical cigar flavor. Pretty smooth.

Apr, 28 2017
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959
8 out of 10

Decent Construction, good flavors a bit on the bigger side a decent amount of complexity to them. The shape of the cigar is very nice and the draw is good in the Smoke output is good as well.

Apr, 17 2017
E.p. Carrillo
9 out of 10

This was a big fat cigar that lasted a very very long time. Very rich flavors and very good construction and dry. Even though it was very thick it wasn't uncomfortable in my mouth.

Apr, 15 2017
Fonseca Nicaragua
6 out of 10

The draw is not too great, construction is decent but not above-average.

The flavor was pretty decent. For the price around $6 it was not a bad deal but you don't get the quality from the ten to $12 range.

Apr, 14 2017
Macanudo Maduro
8 out of 10

Has a bit of an unusual Aroma to it that I have not had before. The Taste is on the better side but with some complexity to it. I enjoy it. Good construction and a very good draw.

Apr, 14 2017
Leaf By Oscar Corojo
8 out of 10

Good cigar as always from leaf. Construction and draw is great. Flavor wasn't quite as bold as I like but very enjoyable.

Apr, 12 2017
Cao Flathead 554
7 out of 10

Not a bad cigar I am liking all the cao flatheads. This one is probably the least good however but still enjoyable.

Apr, 09 2017
Cao Colombia
8 out of 10

The cigar has a good draw and a very good smoke output.

There is a woodiness to the taste that I don't often taste in cigars.

Apr, 07 2017
Cao Flathead 642
9 out of 10

This was a long thin cigar. Well constructed, good flavor very good draw and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would considering it's diameter.

For the price it was very very good.

Apr, 06 2017
My Father
8 out of 10

Great construction on this cigar. The smoke output is also very good.

Good flavor, a bit of spice to it very pleasant though not the peppery kind. The taste stays on the tongue long after the draw is over.

Apr, 03 2017
8 out of 10

The construction on this cigar is fantastic.

The draw is smooth and a flavors full body too. The rapper has a nice sheen on it.

Very nice smoke output as well.

Mar, 31 2017
La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull
7 out of 10

This was rated 2016 number one cigar in Cigar Aficionado. I definitely would not rated the best cigar I have had this year, not really even close.

This is not to say that it was a bad cigar. The wrapping was very tight and it lasted a very long time. The flavor was good, sweet and spicy not quite as bold as I would have preferred however.

The smoke output could have been a little better as well. Overall I liked it but for the $17 I paid for it I would not buy it again.

Mar, 30 2017
Oliva Serie V Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada
7 out of 10

Medium body decent taste.

The draw is a little bit tight and the Smoke output is not quite right want it to be.

Overall this is a pretty pleasant experience.

Mar, 25 2017
Camacho Triple Maduro
8 out of 10

Great bold cigar. I really enjoyed the construction. It's a larger gauge but very comfortable in my mouth.

Mar, 22 2017
Romeo Y Julieta Medallas De Oro Aniversario
8 out of 10

Strong and good flavor.

It's rolled nice and tight. Decent smoke output.

Mar, 17 2017
Perdomo 20th Anniversary
7 out of 10

It seems like this cigar was not stored with proper humidity. I will try to keep this in mind when I give my rating.

Nice smooth smoke. Kind of a creaminess to it. The Taste is light to medium.

The cigar doesn't seem very densely packed.

Mar, 14 2017
Alec Bradley Nica Puro Rosado
7 out of 10

Has a nice spiciness to it. Runs hot. Good smoke output.

Mar, 11 2017
The Edge A-10
4 out of 10

the draw is hard and not good.

The initial flavor is on the bigger side. Although the presentation is very nice I like the color difference between the two wrappers.

Mar, 10 2017
La Castia Criolla
4 out of 10

The construction is fantastic and I feel like the wrapper is a very high quality.

The Taste has a lot of cardboard to it. Not very pleasant.

As good as the construction is in the draw The Taste is going to bring the score way down.

Mar, 03 2017
Natural Drew Estate
7 out of 10

I didn't realize this was a flavored cigar but it taste very good and it has a good draw and it tastes like the tobacco is also very good quality.

Mar, 01 2017
Nat-cicco Aniversario 1963 Liga No. 4
5 out of 10

Not a bad taste but way too mild for my preference. Construction is decent how are not exceptional. Appears to be machine rolled.

Feb, 27 2017
Sancho Panza Hecho A Mano
5 out of 10

General construction seems to be mediocre the cap is coming off in pieces a little bit.

Flavor is ok but not very complex. Medium smoke output.

Feb, 25 2017
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial
7 out of 10

Flavors pretty mild, very smooth too. Very well constructed.

Feb, 21 2017
Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown
5 out of 10

Construction is not that great. Taste is average. Nothing really significant to report on this.

Feb, 18 2017
Te-amo World Selection Series
7 out of 10

The wrapper is coming off a little bit but I suspect that is because of the quality of a humidor it was stored in and not the quality of the cigar itself.

It has a very interesting tastes. Not really sweet or bitter straight down the middle a little bit on the mild side but robust enough.

Feb, 16 2017
Punch Signature
7 out of 10

I have not had a lot of punches but this is constructed very well and very firm on the outside the gauges huge and it's a little bit too big for maximum comfort in my mouth.

The flavor doesn't taste like premium tobacco but the construction is so impressive I feel like I was going to raise the score.

Feb, 15 2017
Alec Bradley Prensado
7 out of 10

The cigar has a nice smell before it is lit. It is machine rolled. The draw is a little bit on the tight side but still good.

A little bit of spiciness to the flavor.

Feb, 12 2017
Carrillo Oscuro
6 out of 10

Kind of a light-bodied cigar. Good construction, good draw.

this one was rated very highly by Cigar Aficionado. It's not bad but I'm not really seeing why they gave it such a high score.

Jan, 17 2017
La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva
7 out of 10

There are some spicy notes in this cigar along with some more subtle earthy tones. A little bit of sweetness. Decent draw, decent smoke production.

Jan, 14 2017
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend
4 out of 10

The first thing I noticed right away is this is much sweeter than the other Rocky Patel's I have had.

It has a snug draw but decent smoke output.

Out of the recent assortment of Rocky Patel's I bought so far I like this one the most. For the backhoe has a fresher taste to it.

Some complexity on the finish although the finish doesn't last very long.

As I get further into the cigar the draw is becoming a bit of a drag.

Flavor wise I'm really into it but the construction is too tight and that is really hurting my score.

Dec, 27 2016
Rocky Patel Nicaraguan
7 out of 10

Some resistance to the draw but not bad. Medium smoke output. Very smooth taste.

I like the texture the smoke leaves on the tongue after inhaling. Silky.

Dec, 18 2016
5 out of 10

The draw is a little bit tight but not so much that it is a big problem.

The smoke output is a little bit lackluster.

The flavor is very mild. Doesn't stay on the tongue very long.
. The flavors not bad but it is very mild if you're into very mild cigars this is probably a good choice but I like a real strong flavor generally and this is way on the other end of the spectrum.

Dec, 17 2016
Rocky Patel Rosado
7 out of 10

Very well-constructed cigar. The Fantastic smoke output. The Taste has a little bit of a cardboard to it a little bit of cream to it.

Not the best flavor I ever had but just the construction alone will bump this score up a couple points.

Dec, 17 2016
Cao Seleccion
6 out of 10

Decent draw.

Very Mild flavors. Very unique flavor to it I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with a way to describe it. I want to say burnt caramel but that's not a perfect description but as close as I can figure out right now.

The taste stays on the tongue for a very long time.

Dec, 14 2016
Padron 1964 Anniversary Series
8 out of 10

Almost no resistance on the draw.

Flavors are very very mild bitter taste. Very smooth.

The flavor doesn't stay in the tongue super long but a medium amount of time.

Dec, 13 2016
7 out of 10

It started off with the worst draw ever but I squeezed the tip and broke up some of the tobacco that was clogging it. Now the draw is pretty decent.

The flavor is a combination of bitter and earthy. Not bad. Doesn't stay on the tongue too long.

This cigar is a lot thinner than it appeared inside of its glass Packaging.

If you want a long smoke this is definitely not the cigar you are looking for.

Dec, 11 2016
Acid Nasty
8 out of 10

This is a good cigar that had a deep earthy flavor alongside the infusion flavors. The size was short and it was easy to smoke and had a good job. I was very surprised by the quality of the construction is cigar and I enjoyed it very much.

Dec, 08 2016
Cao Flathead 660
8 out of 10

This has a very very complex flavor. Turn to give specific adjectives to describe it aside from deep and Rich.

Getting a hint of a cocoa taste to it.

It's burning unevenly but it has a very good draw.

A medium amount of smoke output.

As I get further down the cigar a bit more bitterness is coming into the flavor. For all the complexity of Flavour it's not a very long lasting flavor on the tongue.

Dec, 08 2016
Casa Magna Colorado
6 out of 10

Okay draw.

The Taste is a little bit sweet and a little bit bitter. The taste stays on the tongue for a little bit not super long but more than nothing.

As I get a little bit further down the cigar the flavor seems to becoming more complex and better.

Dec, 03 2016
Alex Bradley Nica Puro 1965
9 out of 10

Right away you get really strong flavors off of this cigar. The flavors stay on the tongue a long time after the draw. This is a very full-bodied cigar.

A very good draw a little bit on the snug side but perfectly fine.

I am having a hard time describing the flavor. It is a very good flavor. I almost want to say there is some Citrus to it. It's almost tastes like a very masculine cologne.

Dec, 02 2016
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
5 out of 10

The draw is not very good. Enough to significantly decrease my enjoyment.

Even with the bad draw the smoke output is decent. Start time for the sharp bitter flavor but has a long finish so it smoothe down on your tongue after you draw.

The flavor is not really doing much for me. Not very complex and the one note that has it bitter in the wrong kind of way.

Nov, 29 2016
Project 805 Cubra Maduro Andullo
7 out of 10

Decent smoke output. A very short finish right when the smoke is gone from your mouth there's not much left at all.

Starting off with a little bit of bitterness in a little bit of sweetness. Not a complex flavor but not a bad flavor either.

A kind of nutty flavor starting to come in a little bit further into the cigar just at the very beginning but not the first few puffs.

Also the Finish is lasting a lot longer now that I have gotten a little bit into it.

Overall I would say this cigar doesn't have the qualities of a very high quality brand but its enjoyable.

Nov, 28 2016
Herrera Esteli By Drew Estate Miami
8 out of 10

Very tightly packed cigar. A lot of spiciness to the flavor right off the first puff.

A lot of complexity to the flavor it lasts a while on the tongue not super long but enough to notice.

The draw is perfect and a large amount of smoke is produced even though it's not a very thick stick.

I told the guy at the cigar store that my past few cigar experiences had been mediocre and to recommend me something a lot of flavor and this cigar does not disappoint.

Nov, 25 2016
Quorum Shade
5 out of 10

Let me start off by saying this is a $2 cigar so my expectations are not high to begin with.

There is not much complexity in the taste it doesn't Linger on the tongue at all. There being no strong taste one or the other it does slightly lean to the bitter side.

Overall is a pleasant cigar. If this were a $12 cigar I would not be saying much good about it however for the price you're going to get an inexpensive cigar experience that is more than worth what you're paying.

Nov, 23 2016
Alex Bradley Black Market
7 out of 10

Has a bitter taste to it but in a good way. The flavors really stick to your tongue for a long time. There's a good amount of complexity to the flavor. Earthy tones to it.

The draw is a little bit tight not unpleasantly so but not as easy as I would like.

Nov, 19 2016
Pdr 1878
6 out of 10

Not a bad cigar a little bit of a bitter taste not very complex.

The draw was a little bit tight but not so bad it diminished my enjoyment.

Nov, 17 2016
6 out of 10

Very good easy draw.

Not a bad taste but a bit neutral. Not really sweet and not really bitter. As I smoke it down a little bit more there's a bit more bitterness coming in the aftertaste.

A decent amount of smoke is coming off of it.

Nov, 15 2016
Iron Horse
4 out of 10

The draw on a cigar is terrible.

The Taste is pretty good but you can't really enjoyed it because not a lot of smoke is coming out. The smell reminds me of very traditional cigars smell.

The rapper doesn't seem to be held together very well. You can see the seems kind of lifting off and the cap fell apart after I clipped it.

Nov, 12 2016
8 out of 10

A very hard cigar. Seems to have a relatively fast burn a good draw may be very good but not quite perfect. The flavor has a bitterness to it not unpleasant though. It actually turns into a sweetness on the tongue after the initial draw.

After the draw lots of interesting flavors are coming out what are the better tasting cigars have had in a long time.

After drawing a bit a little bit hot but nothing unpleasant. I tend to like my cigar is more of the hot side anyway.

Nov, 10 2016
Nub Connecticut
5 out of 10

Slight bitter taste. Not bad though very mild. The draw is very good but it is burning very hot hotter than I would prefer.

Nov, 08 2016
Leaf By Oscar
10 out of 10

One are the best cigars I've had in recent memory. A delicious flavor that clings to your mouth after you've inhaled. The draw is perfect the rapper is perfect.

Nov, 06 2016
Domingo Olgr Fuerte
8 out of 10

This is a mild flavored cigar, especially at the begining. As you get down the flavors start to get a little bolder but not too much. Lots of smoke, and a fantastic draw. Wrapped well.

Nov, 05 2016
Opdr 1878 Cubano Especial Caps Natural
10 out of 10

This was an excellent cigar. It had a medium flavor very smooth and creamy and it drew fantastically.

This is a first from The New Batch I got from famous

Oct, 27 2016
Perdomo Habano
7 out of 10

A good cigar. When I first had it the flavor it wasn't too great but I smoked it a change to a much more desirable taste.

Oct, 20 2016
Acid Blonde Maduro
7 out of 10

Not the best made cigar butt it's fun and worth smoking on occasion. The smell alone is worth buying every once in awhile.

Oct, 18 2016
A Fuentes Grande Reserva
4 out of 10

I did not like this cigar all the flavors bad it was poorly made the rapper was not good the girl was not good.

Oct, 18 2016
Oliva Serie V
7 out of 10

This was a decent cigar overall enjoyable but the drama wasn't particularly good The Taste wasn't particularly good the rapper wasn't particularly good. Nothing really stood out.

Oct, 08 2016
LTD Chapter One
8 out of 10

This was a very good cigar. Had all the qualities that I want in a cigar wrapper the way it's smoke the flavor wasn't quite as complex as I would have liked however.

Sep, 30 2016
Partagas 1845
7 out of 10

The nice rapper from Pact with a very good job. The flavor is a little bit more miles and I would prefer but it's not bad.

Sep, 24 2016
Liga Privada No 9
8 out of 10

The draw was a little tight but it felt like a quality cigar. Good flavor and lasted a good amount of time.

Sep, 18 2016
Heche En Fume De Amour Nicaruaga
8 out of 10

Very good job, pretty good taste. Some sweetness to it but not too much.

Sep, 16 2016
Diamond Crown Maximus
8 out of 10

This had that feeling of a very high quality cigar. The flavor wasn't overall amazing but it was decent but the draw quality in general where they are.

Sep, 02 2016
Regius Arbiter Elegantae
7 out of 10

This was a pretty good cigar, but not for the price. The flavor was decent, but the wrapper was coming off. I didn't clip it myself so that may have been a thing to take into consideration.

Aug, 27 2016
Filthy Hooligan - Alec Bradlee
9 out of 10

Very complex cigar flavor, I am pretty sure from the two wrappers. One of my favorite.

Aug, 21 2016
Padron Importado
9 out of 10

This was a fantastic cigar. So far both cigars I've had with this company I felt were amazingly rolled. The taste was good and the quality of the whole thing was great, good draw, well wrapped.

Aug, 20 2016
My Father
8 out of 10

This cigar has been recommended to me by a lot of people and highly rated by cigar aficionado. I finally tried it and was not disappointed. Especially after the mediocre experiences I have had recently.

Unique taste, good wrap and good draw.

Aug, 13 2016
Flathead 642
6 out of 10

Not a bad cigar but pretty mediocre in all areas not hand wraps it wasn't the greatest try the flavor was okay nothing really special about it

Aug, 10 2016
6 out of 10

Not my favorite cigar the draw was not very good. The flavor was okay but just slightly above-average.

Aug, 05 2016
Ancient Warrior
4 out of 10

This was quite a mediocre cigar. Flavor tasted like Cheap Tobacco. The rap on the draw or too loose. Really not much going on with this cigar that I like.

Aug, 02 2016
5 out of 10

I don't remember smoking this cigar even though I had it recently. It must not have been very memorable.

Jul, 30 2016
Heritage Avo Uvezian
6 out of 10

Pretty regular tasting cigar. A little bit of bitterness at the beginning but that seemed to taper off chords The Middle.

Jul, 24 2016
8 out of 10

Great cigar, has the quintessential cigar flavor, the was ok, it is machined rolled which makes me appreciate hand rolled bit not bad.

Jul, 22 2016
Padron 1926 Serie
9 out of 10

Great taste, good burn, smooth. One of the best I've ever had.

Jul, 12 2016
Rome Anejo
7 out of 10

The flavor was great, the draw wasn't great. Overall I would say it was a good experience.

Jul, 10 2016
Cifuentes Y Via Parts Has 1845
9 out of 10

This was a fantastic cigar. Good job good flavor although pretty mild. It was hard had that feeling of an aged high quality cigar.

Jul, 08 2016
8 out of 10

This was a very good cigar with a great draw especially. The taste was mild but good. Had a long-lasting burn.

Jul, 05 2016
Illusions Ml
7 out of 10

This was not bad, even though it is small it lasts longer than I thought it would. Good flavor in general except the strong pepper flavor that came in sometimes.

Jun, 24 2016
Macanudo PP 1968
7 out of 10

Cigar was good, good flavor.

Jun, 21 2016
Oliva Serie V
7 out of 10

Not bad but not my favorite. Had a bit too much bitterness.

Jun, 17 2016
La Palina
6 out of 10

Nothing too exciting about this cigar.

Jun, 13 2016
Don Pepin Garcia Original
4 out of 10

Not great.

Jun, 11 2016
Alec Bradley Sanctum
6 out of 10

Not bad, nothing memorable.

Jun, 08 2016
8 out of 10

Very good cigar, good flavor, draw, size.

Jun, 04 2016
Cojonu 2012
7 out of 10

This cigar had a smooth creamy flavor that was pleasant but the flavors were too mild for my taste.

Jun, 01 2016
8 out of 10

Starts off sweet, gets bitter in the middle then smooth at the end. Very good cigar and a good price.

May, 28 2016
Oliva Series G
8 out of 10

This cigar had a great flavor, smooth. The draw was a bit too tight but still enjoyable. I like the size, didn't feel too short or too long. Lots of complexity in the flavor.

May, 28 2016
Tabacos TB Baez Don Pepin
8 out of 10

This cigar was very interesting. It had a good draw it smokes slowly and had very sweet flavors at the beginning. As I got further down the cigar some real strong bitter flavors started to come through. I slowed down a bit so the flavor wouldn't be so intense and that seemed to help. I would definitely get this one again.

May, 15 2016
Alex Bradley - Tempus
5 out of 10

This was a decent cigar but it didn't have a really special flavor or anything.

May, 12 2016
Gurkha Cellah Reserv
7 out of 10

Very good flavor, lots of different complex tastes. Changes as the cigar goes by. The major complaint is the draw is too fast . Even though it's a short cigar it last a long time.

May, 12 2016
Illusione 888
7 out of 10

Good cigar, good construction good job very smooth smoke. Medium flavor.

May, 02 2016
La Palina Classic
7 out of 10

This cigar was sweet mild good job inside everything about it was pretty good.

Apr, 28 2016
Macanudo Cru Royal
6 out of 10

Very smooth flavor, good job good shape fits well in your mouth. Very mild taste.

Apr, 19 2016
Aging Room F55
5 out of 10

The cigar was too bitter for my taste.

Apr, 16 2016
Kentucky Fire Cured Genuine Muwat
7 out of 10

This was a very unique tasting cigar. You can really taste the smoke the drug was not the best but it was okay. It tasted like smoking a campfire.

Apr, 12 2016
Padilla Habano
7 out of 10

Good cigar, kind of a sweet taste.

Apr, 09 2016
Concert CAO
8 out of 10

Good cigar, standard taste, good draw.

Apr, 02 2016
4 out of 10

This cigar was too bitter and acidic. Especially for the price. I wouldn't get this one again.

Mar, 29 2016
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur
7 out of 10

Good cigar, sweet, lots of flavor, sometimes even flowery.

Mar, 26 2016
Pdr 1878 Capa Masura
8 out of 10

This cigar was bittersweet, literally. Every I seem to have different flavors it was a taste that most closely resembles the way cigars smell. Very good draw.

Mar, 24 2016
Flores V Rodriguez Tamboril
9 out of 10

The cigars is one of the best I have had in a long time.

Mar, 18 2016
8 out of 10

This is a very good robust bold flavored cigar. It has a very slow burn and it was very enjoyable.

Mar, 11 2016
Illusion Gigantes
4 out of 10

I have nothing special to say about this cigar.

Mar, 10 2016
Alec Bradley Coyol
7 out of 10

The cigar is a standard cigar. It's what you imagine a regular cigarette tastes like it has a good draw a good flavor but there is nothing unusual or different about it.

Feb, 28 2016
San Lotano Oval
7 out of 10

A good cigar, the draw in a little bit too fast. Flavor is very good.

Feb, 23 2016
7 out of 10

Very slow burning. A very earthy taste it smokes for a long time.

Feb, 18 2016
Perdomo Lot 23
7 out of 10

A good cigar, good flavor the rapper came off when cutting the tip of the draw was not as good as it normally would have been. I don't know if I can fall to the cigar manufacturer for this however.

Feb, 14 2016
Drew Estate Java
9 out of 10

What is the best cigars I've had in a long time. An amazing draw high quality wrapping smooth light smokey taste just a hint of the coffee not overwhelming.

Note: I've had this cigar again since my original review and it wasn't as good the second time so there may be some inconsistency with the production.

Feb, 14 2016
8 out of 10

Great draw, very good flavor

Feb, 08 2016
La Palina
8 out of 10

Good draw and smooth smoke.

Feb, 06 2016